Eleventh Street Community Garden


A view of the full garden design.
A view of the full garden design.

Coming this Spring, a new garden on the West side of Port Angeles located in half of Wolverton Park on Eleventh Street between A and B streets.

The ground has been plowed and cover cropped since Fall of 2013. There are few rocks and no problematic weeds such as bindweed.

The half-circle on the right side is a kids garden with raised beds including kid-sized benches and more benches in the back for adults. We hope to have teachers providing education about gardening to kids in this area. The border for the kids garden is filled with pollinator plants. A few pathways draw kids further into the garden to features like the willow hut and pumpkin patch.

Just inside the front gate, looking down the main pathway.
Just inside the front gate, looking down the main pathway.

On the north side of the garden there will be a large greenhouse, storage shed and composting area. We also want to plant a row of fruit trees.

Inside the garden there will be several benches along a larger grass pathway for resting and enjoying the garden.

The model we are proposing for this garden is to share all of the garden beds among all the garden members. Everyone shares in the work of planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. Then everyone shares the produce from the entire garden. Eleventh Street will have twice as much planting area as Fifth Street due to fewer pathways so we are confident that there will be plenty of produce to go around. Any excess produce will be donated to local charities such as the Food Bank.

Standing outside the front gate.
Standing outside the front gate.

We have some support for building the garden but we still need more gardeners of any experience level and more donations of materials, tools, plants and seeds.

Soil test results: Wolverton-11th Street-soil test-veggies-9-4-13

Want to join? Fill out the Eleventh Street Community Garden Application 2015!

DONATIONS WANTED: Garden tools (shovels, rakes, hoes), wheelbarrows, wood and other materials for building and a shed, large metal gates, gravel, wood chips

Questions or comments? Get in touch with Robin Gibson at (360) 457-3744 or rgibson@olypen.com

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