Monthly Archives: June 2012

Garden Tour Success!

The Master Gardeners Garden Tour was a huge success. Each garden saw about 150 visitors. The comments from our guests were all very positive. We had the opportunity to explain a lot of the techniques in use and how the gardens serve as a place to educate not just the gardeners but the whole community.

Here are a few of the artichokes we harvested today at 5th St:


Sunday work party results

5th street had an informal work party on Sunday. Steve from Lazy J delivered 7 yards of compost at 10 AM:


Several volunteers got right to work shoveling and hauling compost to the willow tree to prepare it for planting. After several hours the bed was ready. Hank brought a few gooseberries and Airport Garden donated a dozen herb plants.


We made a narrow path that loops back under the tree. It will get some cardboard and alder chips soon. The area along the fence needs a 2×8 sunk in the ground to keep the neighbor’s grass and weeds out. We’ll put more cardboard and alder chips afterwards to keep the weeds down.

Tomato Tips

Here are two videos with tips on staking and stringing your tomatoes for healthier plants and better yields.

This first video is from a large commercial greenhouse in Colville, Washington. Most of the techniques can be applied to smaller gardens as long as you have a structure to support the  strings.

This next video is a more practical method for staking on a small scale. One stake is used for each tomato plant. Be sure to get the stake deep enough in the ground that the wind won’t blow it over when the plant is loaded with fruit.

The Master Gardeners of Clallam County are using the plots directly North of the greenhouse/shed for an experiment in growing grafted tomatoes. One half will be grown in a tunnel to extend the season while the other half is grown in the open. It should be very interesting to see how each section does this year.